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Who Can Convince the Sea to be Reasonable



¿Quién puede convencer al mar para que sea razonable? (Who can convince the sea to be reasonable?) asked participants to imagine a future of collaborative scientific and artistic creativity. It was produced for attendees at a symposium organized by the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies  (SARA(S)²), an interdisciplinary research institute in Uruguay. The scientists and artists were organized into five five-person teams and sent by car from the convention center to land where  SARA(S)² will build its future headquarters.  On the half-hour journey the teams listened to a soundtrack of music (all subtly connected to a theme of climate change) interspersed with futuristic-sounding instructions to them as an “interdisciplinary team” that must “hurry, the world is waiting.” On arrival at the wooded coastline site, the teams opened their instructions and studied them while lunching from picnic baskets filled with local foods, a bottle of Uruguayan wine, and yerba mate. Over the next few hours the teams dispersed across the site, taking geographic and conceptual inventories of the land and preparing large temporary installations assembled from sticks, rocks, and artifacts and trash found on the site. The afternoon concluded with a tour of all the constructions and brief presentations from the teams on their imaginations of future creativity at (SARA(S)².

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