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Spatula&Barcode was invited to create an event for the ending of a symposium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the "Sensorium", or the entire range of senses by which we know the world. By implication, attention to the senses of taste, smell, and touch, for example, challenge the bias toward the visual and the verbal in contemporary cultural scholarship. For the 20-odd presenters, Spatula&Barcode created an evening-long immersive experience of how all of our senses interact, beginning with a choral sing-along in the vehicles transporting them, and continuing through multiple "courses" of aesthetic provocation, discussion, and eating. The visual displays and food emphasized the importance of the sense organs (including serving tongue, ears, brains, and vegetables that evoke those organs), while the discursive program encouraged conversation about how participants' own research extended beyond textual paradigms to consider the whole sensorium.

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