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“Orecchiette” is a portable project that uses this shape of hand-made pasta (“little ears” in

Italian) as a metaphor and focal point for listening to each other. With individuals or small groups, we gather around a theme and a pile of flour, and hand-shape pasta as we talk. Then we cook the pasta and together we eat it, typically with a homemade pesto, but sometimes in the traditional preparation with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage.


Madison, Wisconsin


At the Art Lofts Gallery with Abrahm Guthrie, Andrea Oleniczak, Anwar Floyd-Pruitt, Ashley Lusietto, Autumn Brown, Cate Richards, Derek Hibbs, Emma Pryde, Guzzo Pinc, Jackson Meineke, Jodi Robertson, Josh McMahon, Kayla Story, Kel Mur, Kyle Herrera, Maryam Ladoni, Max Hautala, Noel Ash, Pranav Sood, Simone and Max, Stacy Motte, Tzu Lun Hwang, Yoshi Asai

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