Sustainable Meal Hackaton

began 2017


In collaboration with critical transitions researcher Juan Carlos Rocha, we prototyped the Sustainable Meal process at the PECSII conference in Oaxaca. We reached the entire conference through a lunchtime intervention, setting the outdoor tables with placemats asking a string of questions about sustainability and soliciting responses. In a long workshop session, 3 groups of participants each worked to outline a sustainable meal for a specific context. One group choose "lunch in Italy", home of the Slow Food movement, and quickly discovered that even "local" and "slow" foods are connected to complex webs of resources. Another re-imagined an airline meal on the flight that brought some of them to the conference from Africa, and became enmeshed in the intense logistics of feeding on a plane and the impacts of food as well as flying. A third group, which included a number of indigenous attendees, evaluated a meal in a small village in Bolivia, considering all of the sustainable systems already in place along with challenges to this food system such as urbanization and transport costs.