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Foodways: Darmstadt

As the pilot of the broader Foodways project, Foodways Darmstadt mobilized dozens of stakeholders in the food systems of a small city in southern Germany. The project was hosted by curator Ute Ritschel as part of a residency at the Waldkunszentrum in association with Verein fur Internationale WaldkunstKunstTREFFpunkt, and Vogelfrei.


These posts about the project provide:

1. An Overview - what the project is about and how we got started in Darmstadt

2. Thanks/Credits - a narrative about collaboration, rather than just a list of "who made Foodways Darmstadt?"

3. Reflections - the beginnings of an essay about what we're learning from the work




For "RUNDGANG", the most theatrical phase of the project, Spatula&Barcode mobilized participants to create a 2-kilometer parade of vegetables through the city center beginning at the Farmer’s Market and ending in a picnic party in the formally-organized vegetables of Prinz-Georgs-Garten.

Detailed description can be seen on our blog.

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